We recommend all Leather articles to be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth without the use of any type of maintenance product or detergent. Use of an unsuitable product could cause damage to your bag, or small leather article. For Vegan leather goods, a damp cloth will suffice, follow by drying it off with a soft cloth ( ex: microfiber cloth)

Buckles made of zinc alloy require no particular care or attention. It will not rust over time, and a soft cloth is sufficient to remove any traces of fingers from them.

The lining can be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and a little soapy water (please ensure that the soap contains neither a fragrance nor a coloring agent).

Changing pad lining can also be cleaned with a damp cloth, and wipe dry. Do not scrub, or try to detach lining from pad base. The pattern on lining may fade over time.


In order to preserve the natural beauty of your leather article for as long as possible, we recommend the following guidelines :

-After using a bag, you are recommended to fill its interior with tissue- paper before storing it in its dust bag.

-Avoid letting leather articles come into contact with water, greasy substances, make-up products or perfumes. PU leather is a non-porous material, however, excessive exposure to moisture and heat could lead to stains.

-Protect your articles from light, heat, and humidity so as to preserve their appearance and color for a long time into the future.

We advise against things like overstuffing your bag and putting unnecessary strain on the main zipper, such abuse is not covered under our warranty.